5 Fashion statements ruling 2021

Fashion and apparel industry has undergone major changes and style evolutions over the past year. With 2021 becoming an year of comeback, the fashion landscape is now at an entirely different graph. Bold, oversized and sporty wear is the new confident. Here are some trends that you can follow to brace up your fashion game!

— Statement Sleeves
Adding volume to your sleeves with ruffles, puffs, bells and much more, statement sleeves have now become risk taking and loud. They are easy to pull off and are a modern take on the retro sleeves.

—Oversized Jackets and Blazers
From formal to casual blazers and now oversized jackets, head turning fashion becomes the new vogue in 2021. Styled differently these jackets boost the growth of unisex fashion in the market.

—High Heel Sneakers
Our good old sneakers get a classy update! Ditching high heels and donning a comfy footwear to elevate your sporty look taking it to another level. A perfect combo of chic and ease.

— Monochromatic outfits
Mix and match gets a makeover and it’s one colour dominating the entire outfit nowadays. Slaying monochromatic suits or jumpers and paring them with confidence is the key fashion ingredient this year.

— Headscarves
Who remembers headscarves? This silk head gear from runways are now brought back to stores with its growing popularity over the internet. Get your creativity flowing and rock that headscarf in your own unique way.

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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