5 Ways to style a Corset!

Corsets have been in fashion since the 18th century. But, unlike back then, the fashion world has changed drastically and corset style has changed with it. The restrictive piece of clothing is so not so restrictive anymore! Here’s how to style your corset in five different ways.

Wear a corset over an oversized plain white button down with baggy blue denims and minimal accessories. This look is chic and not so dressy for a quiet evening you have planned.

Instead of your usual dress shirt or a blouse, opt for a fitting corset. Simply wear it your trousers and a blazer and with pumped stilettos, this will be a classic semi formal look.

Dress shirt
Style a corset belt with your dress as a layered jacket. enhance your neutral dress with a bold coloured corset belt and watch the outfit come to life.

Style your corset top with a skirt and layer it with a jacket and dainty jewellery. This look is perfect for a summer brunch.

Lastly, style a corset with any bottom wear like— trousers, leather pants, boyfriend jeans etc. and the ensemble will look absolutely stunning.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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