Accessories to spice up your outfits

As important as it is to buy good clothes, an outfit is incomplete without the right accessories. You can spice even the simplest with just a few chosen accessories. Let’s see which ones!

Well, we’re aware that not all hats enhance your look but, there are a few selective ones that just give your outfit a whole other vibe; like a beter for a late brunch or a beanie for a day at the arcade!

Not everyone can pull off belts if they don’t use them correctly, in that, when to use a buckle belt and when to use a bow belt etc. But when you do learn how to style them perfectly, this accessory can flatter even the simplest outfit!

With bags, we don’t actually mean backpacks, more like clutches and handheld bags. These are trendy and help you carry your stuff around. A neat pouch clutch for a soirée and a box clutch for paired with your bridesmaid dress will take your outfit a long way!

Dainty jewellery
Pairing little trinket jewellery with your outfits gives your look a spin. A pair of pearl earrings, bracelets and pendant necklaces should be your go to for a soft and delicate look!

A little traditionalist but definitely very fashionable. Brooches have been used as accessories for centuries and haven’t yet dissapointed. You can style it as a part of your outfit or your hairdo and it will uplift your look just the same!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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