Brooklyn nine nine final season teaser dropped

NBC drops teaser for Brooklyn Nine Nine season 8 which will premiere on August 12 of this year. This season will have 10 episodes and is comfirmed to be the last and final season of the show.

The teaser shows a montage celebrating all the best moments from throughout the show. Having been on air for 8 years, the sitcom has passed several huge milestones.

As shown in the trailer, the legendary milestones are 7 Halloween Heists, 32 sex tape titles, 4279 cools and now one epic final season! The actors characters talk about going out a bang, “blaze of glory” style and we couldn’t agree more!

The show was originally supposed to end after season 5 while running on Fox. Due to being a fan favourite, it was picked up by NBC for 3 more seasons the very next day of cancellation. The actors and fans of Brooklyn Nine Nine were very grateful and excited for the coming seasons.

The trailer features Melissa Fumero who plays Amy Santiago saying that Brooklyn Nine-Nine changed her life. Andre Braugher who plays Captain Holt) celebrates the “incredible ride” the show has been and we wholeheartedly agree.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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