Celebrity Pet-Sleeves

Celebrities make sure they add a bit of uniqueness to every outfit with unusual necklines, shoes, hairstyles etc. Today we’re going to look at the various kinds of sleeves celebrities have been spotted flaunting.

Angelina Jolie’s Ribbon cuffed sleeves
The ribbon cuffed sleeves add a touch of grace to the cream coloured top that Angelina Jolie is wearing. The unique thing about these sleeves is they tie at the cuffs in the form of a ribbon.

Zendaya’s Bell Sleeves
The Greatest Showman actress Zendaya flaunts a strapless gown with bell sleeves. The bell sleeves add volume to the flowy gown and Zendaya seems to be enjoying the comfort of it.

Rihanna’s Cinderella Sleeves
Trust RiRi to put you in awe each time she makes an appearance. Rihanna adds a bit of Cinderella to her tux look with the bladed shoulders. The bladed-shoulder sleeves take the tux-look up a notch!

Katie Holmes’ Bishop Sleeves
Katie Holmes makes a regular white shirt fancy with Bishop sleeves. The sleeves are huge and add style and dimension to the shirt which paired with ripped jeans looks chic.

Lady Gaga’s Extra Long Sleeves
One can’t help but go gaga over Lady Gaga’s sense of style. Lady Gaga’s extra long sleeves with a nude sailor-collared blazer is a combination of sensual and austere.

Kim Kardashian’s Ruffle Sleeves
Kim Kardashian wears a little neon green dress with ruffled sleeves and indigo footwear. The ruffle sleeves match the ruffle of the dress and add elegance and flair to its simplicity.

Kate Hudson’s Angel sleeves
Kate Hudson’s flared dress paired with angel sleeves looks angelic. These angel sleeves go only up to the elbow, unlike the usual which go all the way to the wrist. Hudson’s call to keep the sleeves short makes the outfit elegant and curbs it from going overboard.

Which one is your favourite?

(Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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