Chic and sporty ways you can style your perfect athleisure wear!

1. Tights and an overcoat

A perfectly classy way to chic up your athleisure look can be with the addition of a statement black coloured overcoat. Pair this look with your ideal sports shoes or sneakers and accessorize it with the addition of some basic black shades to complete your ensemble.

2. Biker shorts

Another sporty twist you can give to your athleisure look can be by pairing your sports bra with some biker shorts and an oversized shirt, accessorize it with some long socks, fun cap and some sporty shoes to get your ideal athleisure look.

3. Tanks and tights

Last but not the least tanks. A perfectly casual touch to your athleisure look can be by style your athleisure tights with an effortless basic tank top. Pair this look up with comfy jacket, snatchy handbag and some classy shades.

Add a bougie touch to your monotonous athleisure look with the addition of these quick and easy styling hacks.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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