Clog Shoes trend makes a flashy comeback!

Ever felt nostalgia hitting right at you? These clog shoes are a trip down the memory lane. Their clip-clop sound and heavy-weighted heels are the latest sartorial comeback! These Chunky wooden clogs have never sounded better, post the dull and silent year that just passed. Let’s get snazzy this summer and get our clog-wears back on the street. Here’s our list of the top picks!

— Minimalist Clogs 
Clogs with its wooden heels are already an extra to the minimal. Minimalist clogs are bold and classic, can be paired with any outfit. They are the big-timers that spice up your look!

— Pointed-Toe Clog Mules
Mules have been an universally accepted trend and throw confidence every single time you adorn them. Pointed-toe mules paired with a clog heel is your perfect partner to a formal office look or a vacation outfit. 

— Clog Slider
Want a change from your home footwear but not ready for a drastic one? Try these clog sliders, they are your home slip-ons that just got a makeover. Keeping comfort on point, these shoes are easy to pull-off.

— Swedish Clogs 
Though on the stiff side, these clogs serve as a perfect occasional wear. This sturdy footwear is quite lasting and can hold a space in your closet for years!

— Leather Clogs
While the latest clog shoes are climbing up the fashion race, more and more clog styles are raging in the market. Leather clogs are a classic. Inspired by countryside fashion, these clog shoes are typically studded or are strictly plain in color. 

Are you a clog-lover? What’s your clog pick of the year?

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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