“Dancing while descending stairs was a huge challenge,” says Elli AvrRam

The dancing star whose song Har Funn Maula with Aamir Khan has been a huge hit the world across, speaks to Filmfare ME in an exclusive interview. ” One of the toughest part of the dance is when I descend the stairs. I am used to dancing in high heels but here, while maintaining poise and confidence I had to descend those stairs. My character is the queen of the club and I had to dance as if I owned the space. One wrong move and I would have come tumbling down,” she laughs.

The actress spoke about how strong Aamir Khan is asa dancing partner because the dance needed the partner to manoeuvre the dance moves well. ” There are portions where he lifts me and swings me. You feel secure when the dance steps have movements that are agile and your dancing partner is extremely strong,” she says.

Elli shared several insights about the dance number that came to her pre-pandemic times and how she rehearsed a whole month on the song that is now a rage. ” My best friend and I would share clips of these old Hollywood movies that had club dancers and it was my dream to be in one of them. So when I got this song, I thanked God profusely.” she says.

All this and more in Elli’s forthcoming interview with Filmfare Middle East!

Watch the video here!



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