Decode your fragrance!

Fragrances speak of us as people. Are we dark and mysterious or approachable and friendly? All can be told by our distinct taste in fragrances. But what are these fragrances and how do we distinguish them? Here are the six primary fragrances that perfumes are made from:

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Floral: Among the perfume fragrances, floral is the most popular. It’s either the scent of a flower or the concoction of many flowers that create a perfume. Rose, jasmine, lavender, lily are some of the most commonly used. The perfumes are light, spring-like, and fresh.

Oriental: Oriental perfumes have a richer and denser smell. They’re usually made from spices like cinnamon, cloves, pepper. There is spice, sensuousness, and warmth to the smell.

Green: These fragrances are usually derived from earthy and woody smells of oaks, dewey leaves, fresh-cut grass, and moss. Fresh herbs may also be used to achieve that sense of freshness and calm.

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Woody: Woody fragrances have an air of mystery attached to them. The scents of oakmoss, sandalwood, pine, and cedar are used to brew this fragrance.

Fresh: Fresh fragrances are juicy and tangy. Often derived from citrus fruits like lemon and orange, these fragrances help in lifting up the mood with their fruity scent.

Oceanic: Oceanic smells have a hint of citrus, spice, and salt. It gives the feel of the beaches – the sand, wind, and the sun.

So, which fragrance suits your personality the most?

(Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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