Treat your feet right!

Our feet work tirelessly throughout the day resulting in cracked heels, scabs, calluses, and corns. The ideal reward would be a rejuvenating pedicure session, but off-late we’ve had to do everything ourselves, and maybe we’ve to do this one too. So, here are a few tips for a homemade pedicure:

1. Soak your feet in the water
Fill a bucket, tub, or your bath in lukewarm water, and dip your feet in it. It softens up your feet and also eases any pain you may be experiencing. To the water, you may add:
Vinegar: Softens the skin and fights off any kind of fungus or bacteria.
Baking Soda: Helps remove dead skin from the feet.
Lemon Scrub: Helps ward off bad odour and get rid of dead skin.

2. Pumice Stone
A pumice stone might be a good investment for foot care. Exfoliate your feet with the pumice stone every two weeks after soaking them in water. Rub it carefully over thickened skin with the right amount of pressure. Be gentle but not too much.

3. Scrub
You may buy one of those foot scrubs from the market or you can make one at home. Although a pumice stone does most of the work, a good scrub helps soften the feet further and get rid of ingrown hair.
You can prepare a scrub at home by mixing together sea salt or regular salt with any oil of your choice.

4. Petroleum Jelly
One of the most effective treatments for cracked feet is petroleum jelly. Rub petroleum jelly all over your feet, cover them with socks, and leave them overnight. You will have significantly softer feet the next day.

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5. Salicylic Acid
Salicylic acid comes to your rescue when the above steps fail. Salicylic acid helps heal calluses and corns. And we know it sounds dreadful, but it comes in the form of an innocuous ointment, so don’t you worry!

6. Cut and File
Your toenails should be cut and filed every week or two, else they accumulate dirt and you run the risk of breaking it. If you have hard toenails, the steps before this will help soften them up, and the cutting and filing can be done with ease.

Two additional points for those who fancy:
1. Clear Nail Polish
A sheer, clear, and nude nail polish could add that last bit of perfection. It gives a glossy appearance that is both chic and classy!

2. Coloured Nail Polish
A coloured nail polish should also be applied after a coat of clear polish. It’s added work but it helps to protect your nails and make the nail polish last longer.

Now that you know how, go nail it!

(Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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