Deepika Padukone addressed the issue of mental health, so did Shaheen Bhatt. Here are some views of TV actresses on depression, anxiety and other mental health issues an artist faces in his/her daily life.

Pranitaa Pandit: I don’t think that now depression is a social stigma anymore, at least in big cities. It is very common because of the kind of lifestyle we live. The kind of pressure we are living in that causes anxiety and everyone must have gone through some kind of anxiety in their life, which is very normal I feel. People feel depressed because of money or relationships but depression is a disease like any other disease and it should treated properly in terms of medication. Spread awareness about it and not consider it as a stigma. We have to be kind to ourselves. I feel every industry has a dark side and it’s just that we always face the media. We all are humans and we have emotions too. Everyone talks about it after it’s done because somewhere down the line we all are fighting with our own problems. Instead of taking it negatively, we should just take it as lessons. None of us are perfect, so we should stop being so judgmental and should accept things the way they are.

Bhoomika Mirchandani: It is not only with the glamour industry, we come in the limelight because we are celebrities and we are always in front of the media. Depression can be at any age, any industry, and no matter how successful you are or how many facilities you have. There are so many cases where there is no reason for depression. Overthinking can lead to depression. To deal with mental health you have to love yourself. Try to heal yourself and not be dependent on others.

Aaira Dwivedi: Being an actor, you will see both high and low. It’s amazing when you get great reviews but if things don’t turn out well, then you have to get the motivation yourself to keep getting out of bed every day. Give yourself another day, another chance and you will find your courage eventually. I have always found that when I am mentally in a good place it helps me to stand tall and feel confident. I always make sure that external things don’t affect me. It is necessary for people to open up about mental health and depression, and have a normal conversation. Also no one will connect with you overnight, so we have to constantly stay in touch with people we really care and love, to nourish the sense of belonging.

Jhanvi Sethi: As a professional who works with mental well-being, my experience on the issue of depression is that we are all just scared. But it’s okay to be sad, scared, vulnerable, and feel all your emotions. It’s important to realize that you can get help to process your emotions. Help those who are around you. Realize how they feel and help them heal.


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