DIY lip-care treatments you must know!

Taking care of your lips is an integrated aspect of self-care ,but you can switch out your chemically induced lip care products with the addition of these DIY at home lip remedies.

These are 3 easy at home treatments you can try.

1.Sugar lip scrub

Sugar in a gradient texture works best to exfoliate your thin lip skin to get rid of the damages caused by the sun. Sugar also consist of glycolic acid that protects the lips from environmental toxins. For this remedy add sugar to coconut oil or honey to turn it into a semi liquid texture. The use of coconut and honey works best to induce moisture into your lips to prevent it from being chapped. Add a teaspoon of sugar to some coconut oil or honey and scrub your lips with it and rinse it off to see the results.

2. Rose petals and milk

The usage of rose petals on your lips help nourish, soften and lighten out the discolouration caused by chemically induced toxins. The addition of milk helps repair dark and patched out lips.
For this remedy soak a couple of rose petals in milk overnight, take the petals out the next morning and mash them into a paste and apply the paste on your lips for about 15 minutes and rinse it off.

3. Turmeric and milk lip mask

If you’re finding a solution to naturally prevent dark lips ,look no further. Turmeric is an infamous Ayurvedic ingredient to organically solve beauty issues. It also works with lightening dark lips.For this remedy add a teaspoon of turmeric to milk and blend it together once that’s done apply it on your lips and leave it for about 5 minutes and rinse it off.

Naturally get rid of dark, chapped and damaged lips with these simple hacks.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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