Dubai under 5 Dirhams

Known as one of the shopping capitals of the world, Dubai and its modernity is familiar to all.
But, there is more to Dubai. This melting pot of cultures offers experiences that is pocket friendly and fun too.

1. Abra ride
The most conventional mode of transport ‘Abra’, a boat ride across the Dubai creek. While in Dubai it is the most economical ride to be included in your bucket list. Breathtaking views of Old Dubai during sunset is considered the best time to experience Abra ride. Only at 1 Dirham.

2. Regag (Emirati Crepe)
Who would imagine to treat themselves with one of the most traditional delicacy from a grocery store. Yes! You read that right. Al Labeeb Grocery located in Jumeriah 3 is truly a hidden gem that serves this speciality for just 5 Dirhams.

3. Dubai Museum
We all love the contemporary side of Dubai, but how about a trip down the history lane before we move into the future? A desert that turned into this magnificent city. With an entry fee of just 3 Dirhams, Dubai Museum is worth the visit. You can also stroll around the Al Fahidi neighbourhood which takes you on a historical ride of its own.

4. Riverland Dubai
An access to France and mid-century America without a ticket. Riverland teleports you on a scenic trip far away from the city bustle. With a variety of dinning and retail options, this place will also set your cameras rolling with its picturesque architecture revisiting eras of the past.

5. Karak Chai
If you have been in Dubai for a while, you would have surely noticed the very popular chai culture that exists around here. Car chai’s are also a never fading trend in Dubai. This flavour infused Tea is available in any and every cafeteria, fuel pumps or even groceries. At just 1 Dirham.

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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