Esha Gupta inaugurates her Madrid restaurant: Tap to check out Exclusive Pics!

Esha Gupta’s Casa Salesas is making waves in Madrid’s culinary scene. Inspired by the city’s chic locales, the restaurant promises a fusion of Mediterranean and global flavors in a luxuriously charming setting.

Esha’s passion for creating exceptional dining experiences shines through in Casa Salesas, which she envisions as more than just an eatery—it’s a lifestyle destination. The interior has been designed by the top interior designer, Lozano Rosa-Violan, adding to the hotel’s lavish ambiance.

Teaming up with Mabel Hospitality from Mabel Capital, Esha aims to elevate not only Madrid’s dining standards but also those globally. Cristiano Ronaldo and Rudy Fernandez are among the renowned hospitality partners of the restaurant.



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