EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bigg Boss taught me self-love,’ says Himanshi Khurana

One of the most sought-after names in the Punjabi music and film industry as well as the indie-pop space, Himanshi Khurana has been hitting jackpot with every screen outing. Aakanksha Naval-Shetye catches up with the singer-actress, who was recently in Dubai, and in an exclusive interview, the star talks about her work, life-lessons learnt and also reveals her take on love!

You were recently in Dubai… What did you enjoy the most while here?
Yes, my recent trip to Dubai was amazing. I enjoyed it there and worked too. I went there two days before the shoot for some crazy shopping. And for my shopping spree, we went to Dubai Mall, Meena Bazaar, and the old markets like Gold Souk. I even got a ring for myself. I had a great experience working and shopping in Dubai!

Your song ‘Mann Bharrya’ is a popular lounge hit in Dubai too… Can you tell us more about the song? Is it your favourite too?
Yes, ‘Mann Bharrya’ is quite popular in Dubai lounges. The song talks about domestic violence that a lot of women suffer from because of their husbands. The wife is expressing her feelings through the song. The video was shot in Manali in super-low temperatures. The whole experience of shooting it was nice as it consisted of my old friends and I had worked with the team earlier also.

“If we talk about movies specifically, the one artiste I would love to collaborate with is Ayushmann Khurrana. I have always admired his acting skills, his natural approach towards his characters, and his wonderful choice in movies that he has done.”

How was your experience of collaborating with Harrdy Sandhu?
I have worked with Harrdy Sandhu in the song, ‘Soch’ and that too at the time when people weren’t giving much importance to videos in the Punjab music industry, but after ‘Soch’, the trend of videos started again. The team we worked with on this song is the same team that we shot with for ‘Mann Bharrya’. And it was an amazing experience. People still love the song, but after ‘Soch’ we never got an opportunity to collaborate. Though recently I bumped into Harrdy in my gym, so let’s see if we can work something out soon.

The Punjabi music scene is very happening. How different is it from the Hindi music industry? Which one do you prefer?
Obviously, I’ll go for the Punjabi industry as it is my base. Wherever I am today is all because of the Punjabi industry and the people of Punjab. I am known as a Punjabi artiste, and I love that. Everywhere you see there is a presence of Punjabi music, be it any Bollywood movie, there is always a Punjabi track. 90 per cent of the movies consist of Punjabi songs, and even baraats are incomplete without Punjabi songs in any state. So Punjabi songs are doing great, and I hope it stays that way!

What is that one life lesson that being on Bigg Boss Season 13 taught you?
So, most prominently what Bigg Boss has taught me is self-love and has helped me see a lot of things clearly. So much has changed after Bigg Boss. It has definitely changed my perspective for good.

Which artiste would you like to collaborate with or co-star with? Who is on your wish-list?
If we talk about movies specifically, the one artiste I would love to collaborate with is Ayushmann Khurrana. I have always admired his acting skills, his natural approach towards his characters, and his wonderful choice in movies that he has done. And as far as the music industry is concerned, I am already working with a lot of amazing people.

What is your idea of love and are you a romantic at heart?
For me, love is being there for someone, be it your family, friends, life-partner, or anyone you love. And I believe we all have a little romance inside of us, and I am definitely filled with it. I think life is a little less interesting without love and romance, so yes, I am a romantic at heart!

If you had to go on a date in Dubai, what would your choice be?
So, last year when I was in Dubai around Diwali, I explored a lot of lounges, but I don’t know if they will be a good option for a date. I think in Dubai one can plan a romantic date on a yacht. And I have always fantasized about breakfast in a hot air balloon, so I think it could be a perfect option for a date.

What’re your upcoming projects and plans?
I have shot two music videos in Dubai recently. The first song has been sung by me. It’s written by Bunty Bains and the music is by The Kidd. And the second song is with singer, Saajz with whom I have already worked in the past in Allah Khair Rakhe. Both the songs are directed by Sandeep Sharma. Then I will be shooting another song in Punjab. We are also in talks for a Punjabi film, and we might start shooting for it in the beginning of 2021.


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