“Five things I learnt in 2020-21”. Daisy Shah shares her insight on the pandemic years.

1. I have realised that it is okay to slow down in life and enjoy the moment. It is not a race and it’s very important to take the time to enjoy every moment.
2. We are so blinded by the reality that we are running all the time in order to create a future. We lose out on today, trying to build a better tomorrow. In that process we tend to over look the important people in our life. It is the pandemic which brought about this realization and it made me spend more quality time with my family and friends.
3. During the lockdown I tried my hand at cooking which I haven’t really explored before. I have managed to master a few baking recipes, mostly desserts. I have also shared a few of my simple recipes on my Youtube channel for you guys to see!
4. Less is more, you can still survive with a meal consisting of dal and rice, you don’t need a pizza for survival. Similarly you don’t need a huge pile of clothes in your wardrobe. During the 1st phase of the lockdown many of us could not shop for clothes as only essentials were being delivered back then. This made me realize what we have is enough and we should not be frivolous. We don’t need the things we generally buy for survival. Less is more!
5. I have learnt one  important lesson, that life is beautiful when you accept yourself including your shortcomings. I believe everything begins and ends with and within you so it’s very important for one to accept and love themselves entirely.
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