Four steps to get the flawless red lipstick look!

Red smooth lipstick is every girl’s ultimate goal for a night out!


Red lipstick has never been off-trend. It’s always the right choice for a romantic candle-light dinner, a girls’ night out, a party, or a red-carpet look. But, you must know these hacks in order to get that smooth and flawless red lipstick look. Remember that you must find the right red shade that will complement your skin tone and give it that glow!


Step one: using a round shape brush, start applying a same-tone canceler around your lips line. Once you are done with applying the canceler, blend it well with your skin to get clean, and contoured lips.


Step two: Using a lip liner, start lining your lips with a same-shade pencil or darker shade from the red lipstick that you are planning to use in order to correct the outline until you make sure that it’s perfect. You can fill your lips using the lip liner, but if you want to get the slightly ombré look, outline your lips only.


Step three: Put some of your red lipstick on the back of your hand, and using a lipstick brush, pick up some of the product and start applying it on your lips concentrating on the outlines of your lips.

Tip: make sure that you have the right amount of the product, and fill the edges without smudging the lipstick and applying it out of them.


Step four: for any corrections needed, use a small angled brush and with some of the concealer that you have used in step one, fix the edges to get that sharp look.





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