Here’s how to pick the best perfume!

How do you pick a perfume that is just perfect for you? Making a choice of what perfume works best for you can be hard. But here are some ways to help you make the perfect choice.

Smelling absolutely gorgeous and delightful is always a plus in setting the best first impression. Picking up a perfect scent for you doesn’t need that much of work.

The perfect day perfumes
While picking out a scent for a hot day or a day where you have errands to run, requires a smell that will stay with you without sweating out of your skin. For picking a day perfume, you should always keep in mind of using a strong scent that stays with you for about 8 hours without any touch ups of any sort. Using a perfume with a water base works wonders as it holds on to your body. You can always take a risk with perfumes you want to wear during the day such as, you can opt for scents with a fruit base or a floral base to add some cheer and fun to the way you smell.

The smoothing night perfumes
Picking out a perfume for an evening or night look requires certain alterations and restrictions. Your options from having a fruit base or a floral base switch to, opting for a more musky, mellow and soothing smell. You should always keep in mind that, if you are wearing a black ensemble to never spray your perfume directly on it, as it may leave white stains on your outfit. The perfume choices for a night out should be more towards the elegant and classier side.

Try using these tips to find out what your signature day perfume and night perfume should be.

Complied by Dhara Shah


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