Time for some hair care!

This summer give your hair the extra care and pampering it deserves, by providing it with some additional nourishment at home.
Here are 3 easy at home hair care remedies you can use to show your hair some extra love.

Coconut and curry leaves hair mask

Coconut is an incredibly authentic ingredient you can use in your hair to provide it with nourishment, strength and it also helps tame frizzy hair. It also helps prevent your hair from any sort of breakage. Curry leaves on the other hand is loaded with a lot of properties that provide benefits to your hair. Such as, it helps with hair growth, the rich antioxidants present in them helps keep the hair strong and healthy. All you’ll need for this remedy is heat some oil and 2-3 leaves in it and set it aside to cool down. Massage the oil into your scalp and see the difference for yourself.

Eggs and lime remedy

Eggs are known as one of the best hair care repair ingredients’ the properties it poses helps improve texture, provide smoothness, add shine and many more. The addition of lemon to this remedy will prevent any sort of scalp build up. It also promotes hair growth and refreshes your hair. All you’ll need to do is add a couple of drops of lemon juice to your eggs and mix it together. Apply it all over your hair and let it sit for thirty minutes to an hour and rinse it off.

Yogurt and oil mask

Yogurt is a great at balancing the pH levels in your hair, prevents hair fall, makes your hair shiny and many more advantages. Oil provides your hair with vitamins and nourishment. For this quick fix remedy, you’ll need to add two table spoons of yogurt to two table spoons of oil. Blend the two together and apply it on your hair. Repeat this hack once a week to have a consistent result.

Caring for your hair and protecting it from the heat to avoid any sort of damage is ideal. Try out these easy quick-fix hacks to rejuvenate your hair and add in some nourishment to it.

Complied by Dhara Shah


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