HERE’s why Richa Chadha chose to play Lajjo in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi!

Richa Chadha reveals she was offered another role in Heeramandi, but knew Lajjo would have the most impact; the actress is over the moon as Rekhaji cried and hugged her

Revelling in the acclaim for Heeramandi, especially for her character Lajjo, Richa Chadha has revealed about her decision to portray the character of Lajjo in the latest web series Heeramandi by renowned filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Despite being initially offered a larger role, Richa deliberately chose the character of Lajjo, recognizing its potential to make a profound impact. Richa knew that Lajjo had the most heartbreaking arc, and the resemblance to Meena Kumari from Pakeezah and a female version of Devdas would definitely leave an impact.

“I wanted to play a part of a hopeless romantic and leave the audience with gooseflesh. That’s exactly what’s happening. People are calling me in tears.”
– Richa Chadha

Reflecting on her decision, Richa shares, “When I was approached for ‘Heeramandi,’ at the time Sanjay sir was the showrunner and I had been offered another part, one with more screentime for sure. But because an actor also needs to see, what’s in here that’s new for me, I chose Lajjo. I have experimented with characters that have a grey shade, like Bholi Punjaban or Tara in Madam Chief Minister. Basically I get accused of playing only empowerd characters, so I felt the need to break that stereotype and surprise the audience. I wanted to play a part of a hopeless romantic and leave the audience with gooseflesh. That’s exactly what’s happening. People are calling me in tears.”

She continues, “Hence when sir told me, come and check this character out, I immediately drawn to Lajjo. I was certain this would pay off and it has, the love within 24 hours has been overwhelming. Right from industry peers to filmmakers, to friends and audiences have sent me such amazing love, I couldn’t be more grateful.”

What’s more, the actress was showered with praise and affection by the legendary actress Rekha for her standout performance during a special screening recently. Richa was deeply moved by the kind gesture and found herself overwhelmed with emotion, with both the actors shedding tears post the screening.

Richa’s portrayal of Lajjo in Heeramandi showcases her versatility and dedication to her craft, earning praise for her nuanced performance that resonates deeply with viewers. Additionally, the character’s Kathak dance sequence in the show holds special significance for Richa, who is a trained Kathak dancer herself.

“I’ve always harbored a desire to incorporate Kathak dance into my onscreen roles, and ‘Heeramandi’ provided the perfect opportunity to do so,” Richa adds. “As a trained Kathak dancer, bringing Lajjo’s dance number to life was a fulfilling experience for me, adding another layer of authenticity to the character.”

“Heeramandi” marks another milestone in Richa Chadha’s illustrious career, showcasing her ability to make impactful choices that resonate with audiences. As the series continues to captivate viewers, Richa’s portrayal of Lajjo stands out as a testament to her talent and commitment to her craft.

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