I’m not your regular teenager: Reem Shaikh

Small screen star Reem Shaikh is barely 17 years old. However the popular TV actress has been wowing audiences in her role as the young mother Kalyani Malhar on the ZEE TV show Tujhse Hai Raabta that also stars Sehban Azim. Talking about playing a rather mature role so convincingly, Reem shares that it could be largely because she’s quite a matured person for real too. “I’m actually quite an old soul,” she says. In fact, in an exclusive interview with us, the actress revealed that it’s a facet of her personality that people don’t know about.

Talking about it, Reem shares, “People don’t know the kind of person I am. They often make assumptions about me because of my young age, or based on my friends circle and have this wrong perception about me that I’m a party animal and a typical teen of this generation. But I want people to know and understand that I’m not like that at all. Just because I belong to this generation doesn’t make me a typical teenager. My age or being from this generation doesn’t define me. I have a right to my own personality and I would like people to respect me for that.”

So what is the real Reem like? “I’m very old school at heart,” reveals the actress. “Like I prefer listening to old songs like Lag Jaa Gale over new ones. It’s not like I don’t listen to the recent songs, I enjoy all these Punjabi songs and all, but my heart lies with the old numbers. In fact, even my parents often wonder why I prefer house-parties over clubbing!” she laughs. “I’m not even that much into social media or being social myself. I prefer writing in my diary over posting it on social platforms. But that’s just the way I am and I’m happy being this old school me. Kind of like an old soul there,” adds Reem.


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