International Yoga Day: 5 Tips for beginners 

The immense popularity and trust yoga has gained over the years is incredible. It has become the go-to solution for staying fit and healthy. It has not only proved beneficial for physical health but also provides mental and spiritual healing. It is widely referred as the art and science of healthy living. If you are not already practicing it, this might just be the right time to begin as we celebrate International Yoga Day today, 21st of June. Here are few tips to get you started on this journey of being physically and mentally fit!

— Basic Asanas 
No videos or tutorials can make us a pro at yoga. Yoga is a beautiful art form that can only be perfected with practice and dedication. Remember to always begin with basic asanas. Gentle yoga that relaxes your muscles focusing on stretches and breathing is the best way to start. 

— Eat Light
As yoga is the healing of the entire body, a full or heavy stomach will cause anxiety and inability to perform the asanas correctly. This form of exercise has a lot to with our mind. Any form of stress or derailing the concentration would effect the results.

One subject where many of us can go wrong is our body posture. The foundation to any meditation is extremely important. This spiritual discipline requires our body to align with the given asanas in a certain manner, that in return boosts mind positivity and body strengthening.

— Open Space
What many of us may ignore while practicing yoga is the space we choose to meditate. It is highly recommended to perform yoga in open areas where there is a free flow of air. As yoga focuses primarily on breathing, a claustrophobic atmosphere or closed surrounding may hinder the energy.

— Benefits
If there is a certain part of your body that needs exercise or toning, make sure to familiarize yourself with the asanas and its various benefits before starting off. In this way you can draw focus to areas which need improvement and nurturing. 

Are you ready to hop-on to this wellness regime? Let’s begin our fitness journey together!

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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