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Kya Pata? Shayad Hum Tum Ke Beech Aakhir Pyaar Ho Jaaye. 15 years of Hum Tum

Enjoy favorite dialogues from Hum Tum.

Kunal Kohli’s Hum Tum released in 2004 and we can’t believe that the Karan and Rhea’s love story has completed 15 years as its still as fresh as it was on the day of release!

Here are a few dialogues from the movie.

  1. 100% – Sahi Hai

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2. Time Time Ki Baat Hai..

3. Kya Pata Kab Pyaar Ho Jaye?

4. Hum Tum Hamesha Saath Saath

5. Kasam Se

6. Karan Karan…

7. Pyaar Ho Hi Gaya

8. Karan Aur Rhea Ki Tarah…

Tell us your favorite dialogue from the film in the comments below.

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