Latest trends in handbags and clutches

If you ever want to make a subtle but bold style statement, handbags are the way to go. Iconic in design and easy to carry, there are some of the latest handbags and clutches you should definitely have!

Egg bags
As the name suggests, these bags are in shape of an egg. These mother of pearl and beaded bags look feminine and quirky!

Envelope clutch
This version of clutch is envelope shaped and foldable. This gives your wardrobe an iconic turn!

Box bags
These square shaped bags are timeless. Different than the mainstream bags this one looks stylish and sharp.

Bracelet bag
Not to he mistaken as a clutch, these bags are smaller in size than other handbags but just as elegant. These are designed with a handle to be worn around the wrist.

Inspired by the design of a metal cigarette case, this clutch is chic and stylish. Decorated with beads and crystals it is very aesthetically appealing.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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