Lifestyle tips for healthier skin

Have you ever wondered if your daily habits are culprits for unhealthy skin? Well, most probably the answer is YES! Daily habits affect our life more than we can imagine. This includes food, water, weather, daily stress, emotions, and all that we experience every day without really noticing how it influences our health, physically and mentally!

Keeping all skincare routines advised by celebrities and bloggers around the world aside, here are daily lifestyle steps that will make your skin better and healthier!


Hydrate Enough

Not something new right! Why we mention water, again and again in our stories, is to just emphasize how essential it is. Buying an expensive moisturizer but not drinking enough water does no good to your skin. It is fruitless!


Get Enough Sleep!

Sleeping enough is like feeding your skin! Skin produces collagen during sleeping hours. More collagen means, the skin is plumper and less likely to wrinkle! Dermatologists say that getting only 5 hours of sleep a night can lead to twice as many fine lines and wrinkles than sleeping 7 hours.


Wear sunscreen – both in winters and summers!

We have highlighted the importance of wearing sunscreen in our previous article about skincare! Make sure that applying sunscreen is the first step you follow before wearing the rest of your makeup.


Stay away from stress!

It looks like a mission impossible for all of us, but the result is worth the try. Meditating 15 minutes a day will set your brain free from all stress caused by daily meetings, encounters, and life challenges.


Eat Balanced Food!

Healthier food means a healthier lifestyle and healthier skin! Make sure that your meals contain all the needed vitamins and essentials to keep your skin glowing and fresh. Fruits and vegetables are a big YES in your way to get the skin of your dreams. While all fried food will make your skin struggle and cause unwanted pimples.



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