Live Table Read of ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s virtual screen reunion a risqué affair!

Former couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunited on screen for the first time since 2001 for a virtual all-star table read of the steamy teenage dramedy

Even as the Live Table Read of the 1982 teenage dramedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High was an all-star affair, all eyes were rivetted on former couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. It was after all the first time that the former exes were reuniting on screen, albeit virtually, since their high-profile divorce in 2005. What added to the excitement of the two actors reuniting on screen was their risqué scene that they were to read together during the event.

Brad Pitt and (right) Jennifer Aniston at the Live Table Read of the 1982 movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High

While Pitt read for the role of Brad Hamilton, Aniston read as Linda Barrett – the high school sex queen, which in the original film were played by Judge Reinhold and Phoebe Cates respectively. For the table read, Pitt and Aniston’s scene together involved the film’s steamy daydream sequence that takes place at a pool-party hosted by Hamilton’s younger sister Stacy Hamilton and their flirty chemistry was quite the highlight. Stacy’s part was read by Oscar-winning star and Pitt’s Ocean’s Eleven co-star Julia Roberts. The actor sported unkempt hair, while Aniston was seen wearing a red bikini top over a tank top during the event and both seemed to enjoy the naughty read thoroughly amidst suppressed giggles.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston backstage at the 77th Golden Globe Awards, 2020

The two stars had married in July 2000 and announced their separation in 2005. The actor and his ex-wife, who were last seen sharing screen space in Aniston’s hit sitcom Friends (2001) – in which Pitt made a guest appearance – are known to have become friends since the actor split from Angelina Jolie in 2016. In fact, the two sharing a light moment backstage at the Golden Globe Awards early this year (January 2020) made for quite a treat moment for Brad-Jen fans.

Brad Pitt making a special appearance in Jennifer Aniston’s sitcom Friends

The virtual table read of the cult classic coming-of-age teen film took place on Thursday (September 17) after earlier being postponed due to technical snags. It involved the stars reading the script in an online event from their homes. Besides, Pitt, Aniston and Julia Roberts, the star-studded fund-raiser read included Morgan Freeman (narrator), Sean Penn (pizza delivery guy), Matthew McConaughey (Mike Damone originally played by Robert Romanus), Jimmy Kimmmel (supporting roles), Ray Liotta (Mr Hand), Shia LaBeouf (Jeff Spicoli originally played by Sean Penn), John Legend (Forest Whitaker’s Charles Jefferson) and Henry Golding (Mr Vargas).



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