Quick-fix to get that summer-fresh look!

Getting that plush summer make-up look need not be an expensive affair. Here are tips that can help you look your best with just five products, that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Check out what those products are:

Concealer is one of the most basics to achieve a flawless, natural yet plush look. It gives you a full coverage, and is light-weight. It leaves your skin looking and feeling fresh and natural at all times. Pick one that suits your skin tones for best results.

Bronzers will help you get a tanned, goddess-look without emptying your pocket. The cool tone finish of these products will leave your skin feeling rich, yet natural and flawless.

While trying to get the ideal no make-up, make-up look going overboard with heavy eye make-up is more like going against the rules. Instead using mascaras will not only complete your natural look, but would also provide your lashes with the extra oomph it needs to make your eyes stand out.

Lip and cheek tint
Adding a pop of colour never hurts anyone. Lip and cheek tint will give your make-up look the perfect summer sun kissed finish, with a sheer layer of colour blended in. The advantage of using a tint for a natural make-up look is, that it makes your skin look hydrated and healthy and not harsh at all.

Last, but not the least a highlighter. To complete a classic natural summer make-up look, a highlighter is a must. Adding that extra glow and glitz to your modest make-up look will help it shine under the sun and make your entire face look brighter and healthier.

Achieve your ultimate natural make-up look with the help of these products and click a ton of pictures to savour it.



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