Revealed: 5 Beauty Secrets of Kareena Kapoor Khan

Here are some little secrets that she follows to look pretty and beautiful.

1. Drinking tons and tons of water is the key to soft, glowing skin. Kareena has mentioned in her interviews that she drinks at-least 4-6 bottles of water each day and that is the key to detox body and skin.

2. Homemade face pack by mixing curd+almond oil. We have seen Kareena Kapoor share many images with mask on. Mask helps

3. She never has soda or aerated beverages. It’s always better to replace soda and areated drinks with healthy juices, organic tea and green tea.

4. Include green vegetables in your diet. Kareena Kapoor is pure vegetarian and she includes lots of green vegetables in her diet.

5. Exercise/ Yoga – Kareena exercises regularly, whether it’s pilate or yoga, Kareena loves to workout and that shows on her skin.





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