Shraddha Kapoor credits her fans for helping her bag a new brand!

Shraddha Kapoor acknowledged the power of fans and revealed, “I got a brand partnership through an insta comment!”

Shraddha Kapoor is undoubtedly one of the most popular and loved actress and enjoys a large number of fan following on the social media. Recently , the actress celebrated her birthday with the 30 fans who came from different regions of the nation on being invited by the actress.

Shraddha Kapoor recalls the birthday celebration event with the fans and said,” It was a special birthday for me because special fans from various regions of India came together to celebrate my birthday and it was the best birthday for me. I celebrated my birthday with them and our bond is very special so it was a memorable one.”

Continuing the same, Shraddha Kapoor said, “Whenever I meet my fan clubs, the feeling that came is very beautiful and lovable. I also interact with my fans on social media, DM and inbox.”

Besides this, Shradhha Kapoor is also known for being the trend setter. Time and again she is seen setting new trends and recently an example of it was witnessed, when she commented on the social media of her die hard fan on being requested.

While this gesture of Shraddha Kapoor won the hearts of the audiences, it also got her into a massive brand partnership. Shraddha Kapoor recently revealed about it and said, “I got a brand partnership through an insta comment and I don’t think this has happened ever before.This also shows the power of social media”

Elaborating, Shraddha said, “A fan noticed it and it came under my acknowledgement, I shared it on my social media account. This has never happened before and I also got a brand Palmonas partnership with it. This truly happened because of the fans.”

Shraddha also acknowledged the gesture of the fans by thanking them. Meanwhile, on the work front, she will be next seen in the sequel of much awaited Stree 2.


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