Sleepy Heads: 5 Skincare hacks perfect for lazy people!

Sometimes self-care can mean a 15 step skincare regimen you must follow every day, and sometimes self-care can mean the simplest skincare routine so you can get into bed quicker or have more time to binge-watch your favourite show. If you’re a lazy person, you probably agree with the latter, we do too! Skip the various oils, gels, creams, and lotions and keep your skincare simple. Here’s a guide to the perfect skincare routine for lazy people!

Remember to hydrate: 

Water is your skin’s best friend. Staying hydrated will make your skin glow and look supple and plump. There are various apps to try if you’re someone who often forgets to drink water. A simple bottle of water you occasionally sip from will help you avoid the many hydrating lotions and creams you’ll have to use otherwise. 

Use multipurpose products:

The key to a simpler skincare routine is to use products that serve more than one purpose. Don’t use product after product for immediate results, instead use products that work over time, like an overnight that also exfoliations, a moisturizer rich enough to serve as an under eye cream as well, or a makeup remover that’s also moisturizing, like micellar water or cleansing oils. 

Use treatment wipes: 

No one’s got the time to pour some toner on to some cotton and then dab it on your face, invest in wipes that come presoaked in toner for easy application and wiping. Treatment pads are available in a wide range of customizations, from exfoliating peels to complexion correction, these wipes will become any lazy person’s best friend. 

Never forget your sunscreen: 

Always lather on your sunscreen before heading out, no excuses! A moisturizing sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will do wonders for your skin! The sun can be your friend if you wear the friendship band of SPF 30 first. 

Switch your pillowcase: 

If you’re truly a part of the lazy club, this hack is the easiest one. Get some sleep and switch out your cotton pillowcase for a silk or satin one. Cotton pillowcases absorb more moisture from our face, in turn causing more friction with the skin when you sleep on it, causing dry skin and premature wrinkles. A satin or silk one will help your skin and your hair too! Silk pillowcases will help you get some frizz-free hydrated hair. 


(Contributed by Sakshi Prabhu)



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