“Sugar is an extreme energy drainer,” says actress Giorgia Andriani

Fitness plays a very pivotal role for every Bollywood actress, and maintaining the perfect toned body is very important as they are always under the spotlight. Seeing the actress performing intense workouts at the gym and burning those calories gives us perfect motivation to hit in the gym but it’s not only the one form of exercise, actresses perform various sorts of exercises like pilates, hardcore workouts, boxing to have that proper physique, Our Bollywood actress Giorgia Andriani is one of the internet sensations, shares a glimpse of her workout video on her social media which makes us go gaga on her astonishing beauty and the video will pump you up to get on the fitness bandwagon.

On world health day, Giorgia shares out a secret mantra for her fit and toned physique. Talking about the few things apart from exercising that kept her healthy, Giorgia revealed – “Apart from exercising what keeps me healthy is sleeping enough hours, drinking at least 3 litres of water in a day, eating wholesome foods and meditating”. On talking about if working out only is enough to keep you healthy, Giorgia said – “Working out without proper sleep or diet can be harmful according to me. One should always listen to what the body requires; we all have a certain amount of energy that we need to wisely, and saying no to certain habits is saying yes to more energy to spend on the right things. Workout is just a part of our health routine, rest is eliminating things that suck on our energy, like sugar, loose talk, excessive caffeine, gossiping, alcohol, or sometimes toxic people, and replacing this with the right things which we know work for us”.

We can definitely say that it takes a lot of determination mentally and physically to achieve that. On the professional front, Giorgia Andriani was recently seen in the song “Little Star” opposite Shehnaaz Gill’s brother Shehbaaz Badshah. The actress is set to make her Bollywood debut this year in “Welcome to Bajrangpur” starring Shreyas Talpade. The actress will also feature in a music video, the specifics of which will be disclosed soon.


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