Sugar Rush!

The sweet and delightful sugar is as tempting as it is notorious. No matter how far we run, it catches up. You’ll probably not believe when I say this but sugar can actually help you. So stop trying to get away from sugar and try to reign over it instead.

Here are tips to use sugar beneficially for yourself:

Body scrub

Sugar scrub’s efficacy to achieve soft and supple skin is unparalleled. You have to mix granulated sugar with honey and an oil of your choice (coconut, almond, or olive oil). Rub the scrub gently in a circular motion on your face and the rest of the body. The scrub cleans out the pores, moisturises the skin and also removes dead skin cells. It’s perfect for a weekly pamper.

Lip Scrub
Chapped lips are a problem faced by many and chap-sticks aren’t always enough. A quick way to make a lip scrub would be to mix granulated sugar with clarified butter (ghee). Rub it on your lips for 2-3minutes and wipe it off with a damp towel. This scrub helps in the deep moisturisation of the lips.

Make Lipstick Last Longer
This may sound bizarre but you’ve got to give it a try. It is believed that sugar can make your lipstick last longer. Just sprinkle some sugar on your lips after applying your lipstick. Wait a minute or two and lick the sugar off. Voila! You’re good to go for the day.

Manicure and Pedicure scrub
You can make a homemade scrub for an at-home manicure and pedicure. Combine sugar, any oil of your choice, and an essential to make a cleansing scrub with a divine smell. This will remove dead skin cells as well as treat cracked heels, corns, and calluses.

Exfoliating hand wash

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to clean your hands off the grease and dirt? Add a little bit of sugar to your regular hand soap and wash it thoroughly. Wash it with warm water, pat it dry and moisturise it well.

(contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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