The bad boy with a heart of gold! Mika Singh’s act of altruism

Mika Singh shared a happy meal with the police as he celebrated an Eid lunch with them. He found an opportunity to express his love and respect for the frontline workers and felt that they deserves all the applause that they get. “They have stood for the people right through the pandemic and what better day than Eid to celebrate it with them. During such difficult times, it’s moments like these that melt our heart and tell us that we are all in the same team and we need to enjoy the small things,” he said.

“The police has been the major frontline fighters for us. They are no less than our saviors. We have lost a lot of lives from the Mumbai police personnel during the pandemic and that’s enough validation of their selfless service to us. I love them. We always have happy conversations whenever we meet”.

He added stating, “Mumbai police is the benchmark of service for me. We shared the Eid meal and it was such lovely conversations with them. Of course we took the protocols and maintained social distancing but in such difficult time also we all can find a way to smile. Amongst other things, let’s all stay indoors as much as we can. We have to follow all the protocols. And lets get vaccinated whenever the situation arises,” he says.

The bad boy of music surely has a heart of gold!


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