The Best Bags to buy in 2021

We often talk about ‘investment pieces’, the pieces that are supposed to see you through a lifetime of wardrobe crises. The ones that will last you for years, even after the rough wears and tears, made for durability to last you forever.

However, knowing what to ‘invest’ in, when, and why can be confusing. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to a well-chosen handbag. Here are some styles of 2021 you won’t regret investing in!

Classic Flap Bag

It’s a bag of elegance but also practicality, making it the perfect handbag to add class to any look’.

Cassette bag

Sturdy and roomy enough to function as an everyday handbag, all while maintaining its chic look.

The Baguette

The first ‘It’ bag, the baguette. Designed in 1997, the bag remains just as popular 23 years later.

Tote Bags

The ultimate beach bag is perfect for sunny mad but sand-filled fun.

The Clutch

Everyone’s familiar with the structured clutch that’s perfect for well… just to carry your lipstick. But investing in a slouched version not only is equally classy but allows for more room to stuff knick-knacks.

(Contributed by Nikhita H.)


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