The best hacks to make your day goes smoother!

We tried these steps and we approve them!

Planning is the key to success, and when you don’t know what to start with to have a productive day, you should start planning, prioritizing, and sticking to your to-do list. Try these steps and see how your day will just go smoother!


  • Prioritize your tasks

We’ve heard a lot about the importance of prioritizing the tasks from the biggest to the smaller ones, but isn’t better to prioritize the tasks that will make your day or week more productive? Think twice about what you are going to do throughout the day and how is it going to affect your coming week.


  • Scope your day the night before

Preparing yourself mentally for your day is the definition of “Scoping”. By preparing yourself for what you will have the next day, you will be able to plan it in a better way and check how you can go through it smoothly with getting all your tasks done.


  • Keep distractions away

Keep the distractions away by keeping any source of it away from you. The Don’t Disturb mode is not for night hours only, this mode is very effective to keep each buzz and ping shut!


  • Practice the art of saying “No”

If you are a yes man, your to-do list will never be ticked! Learn how to say No to the plans that don’t suit your plan of the day. Remember that by saying “no” to someone’s request, you are saying “yes” to your own priorities.


  • Take daily baby steps towards your long-term goals

Remember that “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”. During your day, make sure that you include a strategy in order to achieve your plan. For instance, if you have a marathon to join after a couple of months, a daily quick 10-minutes jog will help you reach this goal.






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