The don’ts that became the do’s in the world of fashion!

Trends, styles and colors are things that get changed each and every season! While there were some ways of styling that are against the law of fashion, it’s obvious that 2021 has changed the game itself! Here’s some don’ts in the fashion world that became the trend to follow.

Prints with Prints

Teaming up Prints with prints was considered a big no no in the past. But now, it is the hottest trend. Whether it is ankara print, block print or chevron print, styling them all together is a big yes in today’s fashion trends!

Pink and red are not best friends!

There was a rule that red and pink can’t be styled in one outfit. But it looks like the fashion police has changed this rule and has loved the idea of combining these two happy colors together. Mostly, you would find these colors combined together in women’s formal wear to give a feminist strong vibe!

Mixing different metals

You are a fashionista if you have the talent of wearing different metals accessories together and still slay the look. Mixing different metals in accessories is absolutely the new passion for all fashion designers!

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