The man with the magic touch!

Positive energy, a million-dollar smile and a magical touch when it comes to hair! We met Jalal at the photoshoot of Mohammad Ramadan and Urvashi Rautela for our December 2021 issue. Here’re some tips that the ace stylist shared with us about taking care of the beauty mane

Tell us about your journey from Syria to UAE?
My father passed away when I was a child, and my mother had to raise six children by herself. Life wasn’t easy. Since I was 12 years old only, I started working to support my family in any way possible. Dubai lights attracted me, and I always wanted the best for myself. In order to get the best, I knew that I have to move to Dubai. This happened in 2010 when a friend was planning his trip to Dubai and the rest is history.

Did you always plan to be a celebrity hairstylist?
Back then, I really didn’t know what I wanted to be in the future. As I said, I started working early in my life to support my family. Until the age of 16, I worked in each and every job you could ever imagine. I like communicating with people, so when I started working in the salon, I enjoyed knowing new people.

UAE is known for its high temperature, what is the best way to protect the hair in harsh environment?
Heat damages the hair in every shape and form. I always advise my clients to keep their hair protected from direct sunlight. For instance, if you are going to the beach, protect your hair using hair protection spray or you can wear a hat. Using organic shampoo and a hair conditioner is an essential step to keep your hair healthy and fresh. The Keratin therapy that I provide helps in restoring the damaged hair and makes the journey of hair care easier.

What are the most popular myths about hair-care?
Well, wearing a hat damages the hair and makes it thinner, that’s not true. And they say that you must trim your hair so it grows. That just doesn’t make sense! The hair growth starts from the roots, so basically, hair trimming has nothing to do with it. Yes, it’s good for hair health to get a trimming from time to time, but it has nothing to do with your hair growth.

Long hair or short hair, which length do you prefer?
Both! My job requires me to have enough experience to deal with all types of hair. I love changing my hairstyle from time to time. It’s been a while since I kept my hair long.

What is your advice to anyone who is planning to be in this profession?
Go and learn, you’ve to be creative, open-minded, and with a special personality in order to succeed in this field. My clients don’t visit my salon just to get their hair done, actually, it’s a whole different experience in itself.

You’ve worked with many celebrities. Who have you enjoyed styling the most?
Yes, I always work with celebrities, and it’s really difficult to answer this question with one name. In fact, all my clients are celebrities and stars in their own unique way.


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