The six magical makeup hacks!

In the world of makeup, every day we discover new tips that help us to enhance the final look. Easy-breezy tips that will make your final makeup looks like if it’s done by a celebrity makeup expert! Here are some hacks that we have collected for you to get the look that you want!

  • Moisturize your skin!

Before applying your primer or your foundation, start with moisturizing your skin. Hydrated skin will help you spread foundation easily and flawlessly!

  • Start with your eye makeup

It is a tradition to start with applying foundation. But not anymore! Starting with your eye makeup will provide you the chance of correcting or removing excess eyeshadow without worrying about removing your foundation.

  • Use your loose powder first!

If your aim is a long-lasting flawless foundation, start with a primer, some loose powder and makeup fix spray! These three products combined together will keep your foundation looking fresh all day long!

  • Use creamy highlighter underneath your foundation

It works, especially in summers, where our foundation melts on our skin. This step will help the foundation last longer and beat the heat of the sun!

  • Conceal your eyelid!

Does your eyeshadow fade? Applying concealer evenly on your eyelid will provide the needed creamy base to keep your eyeshadow last for a longer period of time.

  • Apply concealer on the corners, not in the middle

Make sure to apply the concealers on the corners of your eyes and blend it well. This will cover the dark circles and make your eyes look bigger!





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