These FOREO skincare devices are a must-have for men on-the-go!

Taking over the world of beauty, FOREO has made its mark as one of the most advanced skincare brands in the world. Gone are the days when skincare products were created and marketed only towards women. The renowned Swedish beauty-tech brand has an array of products created specifically for men, each equipped to de-clog pores, hydrate skin, or reduce the signs of aging.

Interest in men’s skincare has increased exponentially since the start of the pandemic, setting men on a hunt for quick on-the-go-devices and products that help them shorten their skincare routine. Since men’s skin is much thicker than women, FOREO has curated a range of products specifically formulated for the gents to provide them with an all-inclusive skincare regime.

LUNA 3 MEN / LUNA mini 3

Known for their incredible ability to clean pores and remove excess dirt and buildup, LUNA 3 uses broad silicone touchpoints and T-sonic pulsations to maximize skincare benefits in only 2 minutes. Acting as a gentle exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells, this dainty device stimulates circulation, which helps improve skin texture and prep it for a smoother shave. To diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, activate the Anti-Aging Mode on the FOREO app. This targeted firming massage lifts and tightens the skin, boosts product absorption and relaxes muscle tension. If you’re looking for the perfect travel companion, opt for LUNA mini 3, a more compact version that brings a comprehensive facial treatment for men on-the-go.


Men can now experience an at-home facelift with FOREO’s BEAR, the most innovative facial toning device in the world with a built-in anti-shock system and T-sonic pulsations. Raising the bar for face fitness, this beauty tool tightens and firms the complexion in just two minutes working over 69 muscles that are divided throughout the neck and face. Using FOREO’s very own app, this cutting-edge technology has five intensities to fit every skin type and men of all ages by lifting, toning, and re-contouring the face.


UFO 2 

Get acquainted with this device and its NASA technology that you didn’t know you needed. UFO 2 is a LED light therapy beauty-tool that delivers an overall holistic facial using cryotherapy, thermotherapy, and T-sonic pulsations to help encourage healthy cell formation. Men can indulge in this SPA-level treatment from the comfort of their home using the app-controlled gadget to target skin issues such as acne, eczema, razor burns, and sun damage.



ISSA 3 is the most unique electric toothbrush in the market with an ultra-hygienic silicone brush that combats stains, cavities, and tartar buildup with the use of PBT polymer bristles. In addition, this sleek and sustainable toothbrush is waterproof and lasts a full year from just a single charge, keeping your pearly whites shining for 365 days.


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