Things Makeup Artists want you to stop doing

While we all love hearing about the various hacks and tricks to help improve our beauty routines, sometimes it helps to know what we need to stop doing. So here are stop need to keep in mind the next time you pick up your beauty blender.

Fill in your eyebrows
Fill in your brows and define them a little bit more when wearing a full face of makeup. When they are left sparse, they can throw off the entire makeup look and wash out the face.

Check your foundation color twice
Stop using the wrong foundation color. People tend to match their skin to their neck, but your neck may be lighter and your chest darker. So match your skin to your chest and then bring the foundation down so you’re all one color.

Keep it subtle
There are times and places for bold/ cream contouring, but most of them don’t belong in everyday life. What might look blended and natural under the lights would look harsh and distracting in person. Instead, try a warm bronzer for your everyday contouring needs.

Switch to non-toxic
The world of non-toxic cosmetics is vast and beautiful, and incorporating some, if not all is a good way to give your skin a break.

Don’t be TOO brave
Don’t try anything new if you’re in a rush. Makeup requires practice, and unless you’re absolutely sure of your skills trying something new can backfire.

(Contributed by Nikhita H.)


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