Trailer of Parambrata Chatterjee starrer Jugaadistan reveals greyer shades of student life!

Lionsgate Play’s second Indian original Jugaadistan lifts the veil off student life to reveal  the flip side of adulting

Parambrata Chatterjee, Sumeet Vyas, Arjun Mathur, Ahsaas Channa, Taaruk Raina, Rukshar Dhillon, Gopal Datt starrer Jugaadistan is set to release on March 4th on Lionsgate Play. A gritty and real take on campus life, the series directed by Akarsh and Adhaar Khurana highlights how ‘jugaad’ becomes the cornerstone for students who are wading through the many ups and downs. While their first brush with adulthood can be  liberating, it’s up to them as to how they manoeuvre their way around this new-found freedom. Lionsgate Play is all set to redefine the way campus stories are brought to life in their second Indian original Jugaadistan. The show’s trailer too minces no words in highlighting some of the greyer shades of student life. Check it out:


Students who want to make a quick buck using underhanded means, a scam artiste who lures students into the dark side, a student politician who bends the rules to win elections, a budding journalist in search of a hard-hitting story, a student who takes his activism seriously, a professor who wants to put a stop to fraudulent practices on campus and a senior journalist investigating a crime – the world of Jugaadistan is a melting pot of disparate characters with their clearly defined goals and agendas.

Parambrata Chatterjee says, “This was an interesting role for me to play. I was thrilled about playing a professor whose job is to shape the lives of students while they are in college. When I was on campus, I had seen many of my friends’ swoon over teachers, so I took some instances out of those scenarios to essay this role.”

Talking about playing a student politician in the show, Sumeet Vyas says, “This show is unlike any other campus dramas that you have witnessed so far. There are multiple story lines running parallelly and my character’s one point agenda is to win student elections irrespective of whatever it takes. In fact, he is also unintentionally comic in his attempt to appeal to students across the board. It was one of the most memorable characters that I got a chance to essay on screen”

Meanwhile, Ahsaas Channa who plays a student journalist adds, “I have been a part of campus dramas earlier, but Jugaadistan delves into areas which have remained untapped so far. My character wants to break a big story on campus, and she is even willing to bend rules to achieve what she sets out to. Shooting for the show was a learning experience because Akarsh and Adhaar Khurana, the directors, had a sound understanding of the milieu and the students. Being part of an ensemble cast gave me even more impetus to deliver my best.”

Arjun Mathur who essays the role of a senior journalist investigating a crime says, “One of the most important subjects that the show tackles is about journalists seeking the truth and not being cowed down by fear of mightier forces at play. I was instantly drawn into the world of the show because telling the truth like it is takes courage, conviction, and grit. That’s what my character exemplifies.”

Talking about playing a medical student, Taaruk Raina says, “My character Lucky, is a smooth operator. He is a medical student who was one of the toppers in the entrance exam. However, his attention is diverted towards things which have the potential to land him in trouble in the future. But he maintains that life is all about thriving and not surviving. This belief doesn’t let him think straight.”

Rukshar Dhillon opines, “Ruhi goes through all the confusion of making choices as we all do in our college days. She’s very passionate about achieving her goals and wants to secure her and her parents future by earning some quick bucks. But she ends up using means which might put the spanner in her works. Distractions like love and other commitments make her go astray, but her conscience keeps tapping her to figure out exactly what she wants.”

Gopal Datt adds, “I am playing an out-an-out scam artiste who justifies the means to his end with quotes from iconic people. He believes that this eases in presenting the wrong doings in better light. I had a lot of fun getting into the skin of my role – there is quirk and drama attached to the character, which will eventually leave a mark.”



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