UAE: new visa rules, implementation dates and eligibility

All what you need to know about the new rules!

The UAE Cabinet, led by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai announced on Monday a set of administrative regulations to attract and preserve accomplished and skilled individuals in the country.

The new rules, which will be in effect from October 3 this year, will broaden the eligibility criteria to apply for long-term visas and will also increase the number of individuals who can apply for them.

Read on to know more about the new set of rules and regulations.


The new visa scheme is in its initial stages

As previously announced by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security this week, the new rules are just beginning to be implemented, and will only be launched officially in a month. During the press briefing, the officials also said the introduction of the new UAE passport is also just in its preliminary phase and will be launched on October 3.

Earlier this year in April, the country also announced drastic changes to the UAE visa system, making it easier for both residents and visitors alike to enter the country. The changes were approved by the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai and state that the simplified strategy of 10 types of visas is a “step that supports the country’s competitiveness in the tourism, economic and educational sectors,” according to a tweet from the UAE government.


New visas for visitors

Once the new rules are thoroughly set in place, the tourist visas will be valid for 60 days, as opposed to their current validity of 30 days. A five-year, multi-entry tourist visa has also been announced and allows visitors to stay up to 90 continuous days in the UAE, although they are not allowed to go more than 180 days in a year.


Expansion of the UAE golden visa

The process for availing of the UAE golden visa has also been made easier, with simpler requirements to meet along with wider eligibility criteria. Public and real estate investors, notable talents in various fields that include art and culture, digital technology, and sport as well as an array of scientists and professionals along with frontline workers are also eligible to apply.


New five-year green visa

The five-year UAE green visa is a residency visa that will allow its holder to sponsor themselves for a period of five years without the need for company sponsorship, along with providing a host of benefits to their respective family members. The three types of UAE residents who are eligible to apply for the green visa are, freelancers or self-employed individuals, investors or partners in commercial businesses, and highly skilled workers.


Residency permits

Residents will now be able to sponsor their unmarried sons until the age of 25, as opposed to the current age of 18, and unmarried daughters regardless of their age. Moreover, several visas, including the one-year remote working visa, five-year retirement visa, and two-year real estate owner visa will not require a sponsor anymore and can be renewed for the same period.



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