Untangled: A guide to combs

While we all may be using just one comb for nearly everything because that’s certainly the easy way around, there is actually a range of combs for a variety of purposes. Let’s guide you through them:

The all-in-one comb

Creative Professional Hair Tools

The all-in-one comb does not really serve ALL purposes but it certainly does get you by your everyday routine. The comb is a two-in-one with thick and thin teeth. It’s perfect to untangle your hair and comb it smooth. 

Rat Tail Comb

Amazon. com

The comb gets its name due to its long handle that resembles a rat’s tail. It has fine teeth and is best for styling the hair or parting it in different ways. 

Wide Tooth Comb

United Salon Supplies

A wide teeth comb is best for releasing knots from the hair without being too harsh or breaking it. It can be used as a preliminary to the all-in-one comb. 

Wooden Comb


A wooden comb often helps stimulate hair growth by increasing circulation and blood flow to the scalp. The combs made from the wood of neem etc., are a better and sustainable alternative to your plastic combs. 

Roller Comb


Roller combs usually help in finishing the look or equip in the curling of your hair with a blow dryer. 

Paddle Comb



A paddle comb helps in bringing unruly hair in order. It also helps in achieving a great blow-dry!

(Contributed by Deblina Munshi)


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