How to up your Nail Game!

The first thing you notice about someone are their hand gestures and nails. Nails are the easiest to style but are you doing it right? Check out the different shapes of nails and how to style them.

Round shaped nails
Round nails styled with matte look the best. They make your fingers look longer. You can have rounded nails for your daily routine.


Square shaped nails
This is the best shape for someone with slim and long fingers. They make you look classy and professional. Square shaped nails styled with solid colours look gorgeous!


Oval shaped nails
Oval shaped nails are often confused with round shaped nails. This shape goes with all lengths and French manicures! They are great for occasions like a casual dinner date with your friends.


Ballerina shaped nails
This shape is also called coffin nails because it resembles both, a coffin and a ballerina’s slipper. This is the most elegant shape and look best with medium length nails. They always stand out when paired with beautiful nail art!


Lipstick shaped nails
This shape is the hot topic among Instagram influencers and rightly so! They look absolutely stunning when done right, and by right we mean done with acrylics.

These are some of the shapes that we love and you should definitely try them the next time you get your nails done! Tell us what your favourite shapes are and you like to style them.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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