ZEE5 GLOBAL Leading Ladies: Check out these inspiring stories of women who defy all odds!

While women are often cast into traditional gender roles, ZEE5 Global has emerged as a powerful platform showcasing incredible stories of women who defy societal norms, break barriers, and inspire millions around the globe. From strong-willed entrepreneurs and trailblazing athletes to courageous activists and resilient leaders, the platform’s pathbreaking women-led narratives celebrate the indomitable spirit and limitless potential of women. Check out some of these empowering women-led stories streaming exclusively on ZEE5 Global:


A ZEE5 Original movie directed by Piyush Gupta revolves around the journey of a strong-willed woman who defies societal norms to pursue her passion for cooking. Starring Huma Qureshi in the lead, the film follows the journey of India’s iconic home chef, Tarla Dalal. The movie captures the critical role she played in empowering women and helping them realise their dreams through food.


Mrs. Undercover

Presenting an intriguing spy thriller that puts the spotlight on a woman who embarks on a thrilling mission to uncover a dangerous terrorist plot, Mrs. Undercover, directed by Anushree Mehta, mixes comedy with drama. Starring the most talented Radhika Apte in key role, the story follows a simple Indian housewife who is, in fact, a special undercover agent. She has been blissfully living her life in her cover for the past 12 years till one day, she gets called back on the job. Her new mission is to take down a terrifying, psycho killer prowling on strong independent women. The challenge, however, remains to be an agent while maintaining her parallel life as a housewife.



Ayali, a heartwarming drama series starring Abi Nakshathra, revolves around a young girl’s journey to fight against the injustice prevalent in her village. In this series, the story follows young Tamilselvi’s dreams of becoming a doctor. But her village, Veerappannai, has fearsome age-old customs and traditions which inadvertently suppress women of the village. But Tamilselvi proves there are very few things that can stop a woman with ambitions.



One of the most anticipated gripping psychological thrillers of the year, U-Turn, directed by Arif Khan, is a ZEE5 Original movie starring Alaya F in a pivotal role. It follows a fearless journalist who investigates a curious case of motorists dying mysteriously after taking an illegal U-turn on a flyover. However, a twist of fate makes her a suspect in the very case she is investigating.



A heartwarming and inspiring drama, Chhatriwali starring Rakul Preet Singh, talks about a rarely spoken subject, sex education. Directed by Tejas Vijay Deoskar. The story follows Sanya, an unemployed chemistry genius looking for a job. However, she also wants to use her knowledge of chemistry to help young minds move beyond the taboos of sex with the right education.


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