3 Shows that will give you Emily in Paris vibes

In case you miss watching Emily in Paris, watch these!

Well, let’s agree that watching Emily in Paris is really fun! But, most of us, finished watching the second season in one day or two days. These films and shows promise you the same fun that you had while watching Emily in Paris.

The Devil Wears Prada

New job? Glow up? Not loved by the boss at the begging? Colleagues making fun? Sounds similar, right? Both narrate the story of a girl who decides to move away from her comfort zone and achieve her dream.

The Bold Type

Let’s admit that all the shows that include the fashion element, are much more fun to watch! The Bold Type highlights the importance of trying new things and expressing yourself without hesitation reminds us of Emily while she tries to pitch her ideas to a completely different culture.

The Carrie Diaries

Knowing new friends, going into new relationships, and getting into complicated drama and secrets. Yes, this is what we have seen Emily going through in the second season. Though the age difference is big, the drama is exactly the same.


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