3 ways to get a clean eyeshadow look – we’ve tried all of them!

The second way is our favorite!

Whatever makeup style that you are aiming for, make sure that the result is a clean makeup look. No messy edges and smudged eyeshadow! We’ve tried 3 ways to get you the result that you want. These tips are easy and cost you almost nothing.


Apply your eyeshadow before your face makeup

You can always start your eye makeup before your face makeup, this will help you to work on your eye makeup and correct it without worrying about your face makeup. For the sharp eyeshadow edge, using a Q-tip and makeup remover, clean around the eye area to remove any excess of the eyeshadow. When you are done with your eye makeup, you can apply your face makeup easily,

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Clean your eye makeup with concealer

This is our favorite way to get it done. In this step, you can easily apply your face makeup first, then start with your eye makeup. Make sure that you are blending the shades well to get a beautiful Ombré effect. Using a flat square brush and concealer, you will be able to clean the edges easily. Make sure that you blend the concealer well and don’t leave any sharp lines.

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Use a tape to get a sharp perfect edge

It’s a good method, but not our favorite. Tapes are not a great idea to be applied on the skim, especially near to the eye area, considering the sensitivity of the skin. But if you want to go for it, all you need is a tape and eyeshadow brush. Stick the tape at the angle that you want your eyeshadow to be applied. When you are done, remove the tape gently. It’s recommended that you do your face makeup post your eye makeup.

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