3 Ways to style a saree differently!

Saree is a traditional Indian garment run down from centuries, but lately the trend setters and fashionistas have come up with various ways you can style your saree.

Here are 3 such examples on how you can style your saree creatively.

1.A combination of a blazer and a saree

If you are looking to add a modern twist with a touch of business to your saree look then give this style a try. Add on a blazer to your saree look and drape it according to how you want it. To get a more prim look secure it with a belt and subtly accessorise it with some gold earring and some loud rings to act as a statement piece to your look.

2. Oversized sleeves

Saree sleeves are moreover restricted to be perfectly fitted to your body ,therefore give that stereotype a break and try pairing your flawless saree with a matching oversized sleeve look. Pair it up with some oxidised jewellery to give a more refined look.

3. Long sleeves and long blouses

Use this styling tip to get a more edgy and poised touch to your saree look by adding on a long blouse with some long sleeves. To prevent it from looking tacky add on a belt to secure the look. Pair this look with either gold or oxidised jewellery to get the perfect look.

Add on a modern touch to your traditional saree look with the help of these tips.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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