4 Quick selfcare tips for those who really don’t care

No more excuses accepted!


Many people – including myself – use the forever reason “I don’t have time” for delaying all skincare routine steps, easy cooking recipes and all other things that will make our lifestyle just better! Well, as we get closer to the new year, let’s set these quick steps as our new year resolution!


Don’t delay today’s work until tomorrow!

Read it twice. Even if it’s hanging a towel or washing one cup! Never delay whatever you have to do till the next day, despite it’s a big deal or not! You will be surprised how delaying these small things will turn to be a difficult mission.


Cook food for two days!

If you don’t mind repeating the same dish for two days in a row, we highly recommend this step for you! Spending a lot of money on fast food will make affect your savings and your health! So, start with easy recipes and cook food that you enjoy eating!


Master your skincare routine

As advised by many dermatologists, invest in your skin. Know what is your skin type and accordingly buy the needed products to keep your skin as fresh as ever!


Workout for 30 mins!

Well, if you have the time to watch two episodes of your favorite series on Netflix, then why you don’t save 30 mins of your time to walk and detox your brain from all the negativity.



Divide your domestic work


To make things look easier – especially if you are not a big fan of domestic work – divide the work on different days. For example, finish the laundry on Monday, and clean the dusted tables on Tuesday!




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