5 ways to style your sarong!

It is summer, where everything in our wardrobe becomes colorful and light! One of our favorite pieces for this season is the sarong! Whether you are going to the beach, a pool-side lunch date with your friends or for a walk by the sea, a sarong is all you need to be set for the day! Here are some amazing creative ways to style your favorite piece of clothing for this summer.

Style it like a beautiful beach dress

Start with wrapping the sarong around your back. Make sure to get the two ends up and under your arms, and then twist these two ends in front of your chest for two or three times. To tie it well, knot the remaining fabric behind your neck.

Turn your sarong to a side-tie skirt

This can be the easiest way to style your sarong. All you have to do is fold your sarong in half to get a triangle shape, wrap it around one hip, and knot it at the other hip.

Get the open front cardigan look

Two easy steps and a final amazing look. Drape the sarong over your shoulders lengthwise and tie the top two corners behind your back.

Wrap it into a one-shoulder dress!

Start with looping the dress under one arm and then tie the two corners above the other shoulder. Add a twist by wrapping the rest of the sarong near your hip and tie it at the side.

A strapless dress

First things first. Wrap the sarong behind your back, twist the ends in front of your chest and then tighten the corners under your bust and around your back.




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